Jonway Maintenance Knowledge | About the Maintenance Knowledge of Large Displacement Motorcycles

Time : 2024/1/18 11:46:57

    Large row motorcycles are a popular type of motorcycle, with more refined components and stronger performance in all aspects compared to ordinary motorcycles. They are also relatively expensive, so it is necessary to do sufficient maintenance on them. Let's learn together now!

    PART01    engine oil



    Engine oil is of utmost importance in maintenance, and the correct selection of engine oil is particularly important. You cannot use car oil, regular motorcycle oil, or low priced semi synthetic oil. It is best to use fully synthetic oil. Special engine oil for large motorcycles is the blood of large motorcycles. If the engine oil does not meet the standard, it will wear out the mechanical components of large motorcycles, and more importantly, the entire vehicle will be scrapped.
    Using fully synthetic engine oil allows for longer mileage before replacement, which is more cost-effective. Generally, it is sufficient to replace the engine after 3000-4000 kilometers, and there is also an oil filter. If the oil is constantly changed and replaced regularly, the engine will be very clean.

    PART02    air filter



    The air filter is like a person's lungs, filtering air, blocking dust and dirt outside the door, bringing in fresh air to ensure normal engine breathing. If the air filter on the car is not replaced for a long time, it will cause serious wear and tear to the carburetor in the exhaust system. So, it is necessary to use a clean air filter. Once the air filter is damaged, dust and sand will all enter the cylinder, wear ring and valve through the carburetor. If it is blocked, it will cause insufficient power and increased fuel consumption. An increase in fuel consumption will inevitably lead to the emission of black smoke at high speeds. Over time, carbon deposits on the valves can compromise the durability and power of the car.

    PART03    Brake pads



    As long as more than two-thirds of the brake pads are used, they must be replaced and cannot be replaced until they are basically or completely worn out.

    Firstly, there is a security issue. Because when one-third of the brake pads are left, the thermal energy of the brake quickly transfers to the base of the brake pads, which can easily cause the friction material of the brake to fall off and pose a safety hazard. Secondly, there is wear on the brake discs. Wearing brake discs to save brake pads is definitely not worth the loss.