Jonway Tips | Mistakes for beginners when using the car, injury report has been delivered

Time : 2024/4/2 9:21:24

                                                    The number of people owning motorcycles is on the rise year by year, but some car owners only know how to ride their bikes on the road and have little or no knowledge of maintenance and upkeep.


                                                    Some of the driving habits that you have unconsciously developed in your mind may be harming your beloved car, so let's take a look. What are the misconceptions of novice driving?

                                                            Do we have to add number 97 to make the car better?


                                                    Injury index ★★☆☆☆

                                                    At present, gasoline in our country is divided into two sets of standards. Major cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou use the National Fifth Standard 92/95/98, while other cities use the original standard 90/93/97. The higher the octane number of gasoline with a higher label, the higher its anti knock performance, theoretically more "burn resistant".

                                                    If a motorcycle with a low compression ratio uses high octane gasoline, not only will it burn insufficiently, but it will also increase carbon deposits. Therefore, for single cylinder motorcycles with an engine compression ratio below 10, it is not necessary to use 95/97/98 gasoline.

                                                           Add gasoline and engine oil casually?


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                                                    Motorcycle specific engine oil is not a sensational scam, but a truly targeted product. And for different types of motorcycle engines, there are multiple levels and models, and selecting suitable oil products can achieve better maintenance results.

                                                           Do machine filters and air filters not require pipes?


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                                                    The filter may seem inconspicuous, but it is more important than you imagine. The reasons for accelerating engine wear and carbon deposition are nothing more than various impurities and dust, which mainly come from three sources: dust and particles in the air, impurities and additives in gasoline, and metal shavings produced by engine running in. The components that filter out these impurities are various filter elements, which need to be replaced regularly to keep the engine more durable.

                                                            Start up and leave without heating up the car?


                                                     Injury index ★★☆☆☆

                                                     Suggestion: Warm up the bike for two minutes before each ride, idle or drive slowly, and should not be too long.

                                                     Hot driving is to ensure that all parts of the engine enter a stable state in advance and reduce wear and tear. When the car is not hot, it starts driving and revs high on the road. In fact, it suddenly increases the engine load and accelerates wear and tear.

                                                             Enthusiastic about modifying lighting and exhaust?


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                                                        Many people say that the original factory lighting is too dim to meet their needs, so they choose to modify xenon headlights or LED headlights. These devices usually come with stabilizers and separate voltage stabilizing devices, and their power is not low, causing a great burden on the entire vehicle's electrical system.


                                                       How is it? After reading the above five points, do you realize that you are right? Don't worry, there's still time to make changes now. As long as you pay more attention and maintain it regularly, I believe your car will be forever new.