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Time : 2024/2/28 9:48:00

    When choosing a motorcycle, besides the most important engine, we also face a lot of professional knowledge and terminology. If we don't do enough homework, it's difficult not to feel nervous when faced with these unfamiliar data.

    The more high-end a car model uses, the more technological configurations it will have, and some components are almost racing level. So how should we identify their functions?


    01 Motorcycle frame

    After removing the complex plastic surround of the motorcycle, there is only the steel body and wheels left. All components are connected by the frame and interact with each other. The importance of the frame is self-evident, and in addition to ensuring durability, there are more technologies included.

    In addition to common steel materials, motorcycle frames also have materials such as aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy, titanium alloy, carbon fiber, etc. With the advancement of technology, various mixed material frames have also emerged. The boundaries between frames are becoming increasingly blurred, as the number of combined frames is increasing, so the types of frames are currently relatively diverse.


    02 Motorcycle tires

    The tire determines that grip plays a crucial role, and is classified according to its function as: hot melt tire (semi hot melt/full hot melt)

    The biggest feature of fully hot melt tires is that they have no texture or have sparse texture, commonly known as bald tires. They are mainly used for track races, and some car enthusiasts may modify them later on.

    Semi hot melt tires are a common type of motorcycle tire, with balanced performance suitable for general road conditions.


    Off road tires (commonly known as pineapple tires, with wide and deep grooves, strong grip, commonly used in field racing off-road motorcycles).


    Turtle back tires (commonly known as all terrain multifunctional tires, similar to off-road tires, with some characteristics of off-road tires, commonly found in ADV models and vehicles with high requirements for comprehensive road conditions).


            03 Motorcycle wheel hub

    Motorcycle wheels can be commonly divided into two types: spoke wheels (steel wire rims) are characterized by strong impact resistance, good cushioning effect, and the ability to replace a single damaged steel wire. They are often used in off-road motorcycles and ADVs.

    The most common form of integrated wheel hub (forged or cast steel or alloy materials) is used by the vast majority of motorcycles, with differences in manufacturing methods and materials.


    04 Motorcycle brakes

    Brakes are divided into disc brakes and drum brakes. Drum brakes are mostly used on household motorcycles, and disc brakes consist of brake discs, brake calipers, brake pads, and ABS. The disc brake discs are mainly made of cast iron, steel, and composite materials (such as carbon fiber).


    Why do disc brake discs need to be perforated? The purpose of punching holes is to enhance heat dissipation and avoid performance degradation caused by high temperatures.

    What is a wave disc? There is a tooth shaped notch on the outer ring of the brake disc, which is called a wave shaped disc. Its advantages are light weight, stronger heat dissipation performance, but more severe wear on the brake pads.

    What is a floating disk? The floating disc brake disc adopts a separate design between the inner and outer discs, with the aim of making the outer disc more closely fit the brake pads and improving the braking effect.

    What is a ventilation disc? It is composed of two discs combined and adopts a hollow design for better heat dissipation and longer lifespan.


    05 Motorcycle suspension

    The function of shock absorbers is to mitigate and attenuate the impact and vibration generated by motorcycles during operation.

    The front and rear suspension of motorcycles are relatively simple without many forms, basically divided into cylindrical and spring structures. The front suspension is divided into inverted and upright suspension, and the rear suspension is divided into single suspension and double suspension. More advanced ones with adjustable damping, adjustable preload, and so on.


    Sliding clutch: The sliding clutch is mainly used to reduce shifting jerks and accelerate shifting speed, preventing the risk of rear wheel lock up during shifting.

    Electronic throttle: It can precisely control fuel to maximize engine performance, but the disadvantage is its complex structure and high maintenance cost.

            06 Motorcycle Rear Rocker Arm

    Rear rocker arm (rear fork): It serves to connect the rear wheels to the frame.

    According to structure, it can be divided into double sway and single sway, and according to shape, it can be divided into round tube, square tube, upper triangle, lower triangle, gull wing, and so on. According to the material, it can be divided into steel  material, aluminum alloy material, carbon fiber material, etc.

    There are three types of transmission methods for motorcycles: chain transmission (the most common), shaft transmission, and belt transmission.


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